Commitment to Writing #2

I would like to make a commitment to writing here. As already expressed, I believe writing is essential to my being and – I think that that could be revised to express more generally that communication is essential to being (and I vaguely remember that Heidegger would back me up here) – so, relatively speaking, it would be a matter of self-preservation to keep this blog active as somewhere to receive my communications.

/The thing that terrifies me about writing is that I anticipate, sometime in the future, looking back and recoiling from the ideas I once had. My memory must obviously be intentionally inaccurate which is what makes the opportunity to record indelibly all the more exciting./

I would like to write at least twice a week here in response to a prompt; perhaps, once fornightly, on a personal project; and record reviews and summaries of what I read chapter by chapter. Given that I am doing so little “structured” work, I think this would not only be rewarding per se but also be a means of staving off suicidal boredom.

/I’d also like editing to happen here. The ether will take all my trash and treasure and be indiscriminate./


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