Testing, Testing: “Inspire me!”

What’s the most dreadful experience you’ve ever had as a customer? How could it have been better?

I don’t really think I’ve ever had a truly dreadful customer service experience; maybe it’s because I spend more of my time being a server than a customer and so I just don’t have the chance to spend that much time as a customer, or maybe it’s my position as a server that allows me to be slightly more understanding of the brusque and unsmiling cashier girl. 

The worst customer service I experience is usually a result of staff indifference: plates banged onto the table, a dead-fish expression as they’re taking orders – none of it is directed at the customer, the server is merely not at all interested in what you think of them and is focused mainly on expressing their frustration with their job, their boss and their lives in general. Bad customer service isn’t-


oh, I give up. The first thing you should know about me is that I have the focus – in other words, the attention span – of a goldfish; hence the second part of this blog name. This blog will be a collection of all the projects I take up with zeal only to drop moments later – a graveyard of short-lived aspirations, written for me to practice and improve my writing, and for other otherwise intelligent, attention-deficit bozos. 




1. a fellow, especially a big, strong, stupid fellow.
2. a rude, obnoxious, or annoying person

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